SHM Converge Engagement Experience

SHM Converge offers a unique engagement experience designed to foster interactions that connect your company with hospital medicine professionals from around the globe. Our reimagined annual conference is raising the bar for our business partners to include an assortment of new opportunities. Participating in SHM Converge will allow your company to:

  • Obtain the highest yielding impressions to date
  • Generate new sales leads to increase profitability
  • Strengthen current relationships and add new customers to grow and sustain organizational success
  • Introduce and demo new products or services in a virtual space with broadened reach
  • Solidify customer confidence and referral potential
  • Earn Rewards Program points at future SHM Annual Conferences and other SHM meetings of interest as well as gain exposure for future years

Watch the SHM Converge Virtual Partners Webinar recording to learn about our CadmiumCD platform, ways to maximize engagement, and best practices to implement to obtain an optimal sponsor and exhibitor experience.

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